Orokonui Ecosanctuary Support


Hope and Sons recognise the importance of our ecology and environment.

We also recognise the incredible task that has been undertaken by the Orokonui Ecosanctuary. The primary purpose of the Ecosanctuary project is the restoration of coastal forest and the protection of our flora and fauna. The 307 hectare Ecosanctuary includes 230 hectares of conservation land that has been given the highest category of protection, that of a nature reserve.

The forest within the reserve is mostly 100 years old, with isolated pockets of much older trees. The Ecosanctuary is already home to native wildlife including South Island kaka, tomtit, fantail, rifleman, brown creeper, bellbird, grey warbler, Otago jewelled gecko, Haast kiwi, South Island saddleback, robin, tuatara and many others.

Eleven species of native fish live in the Orokonui stream.

Thirteen rare native plant species have been introduced and a new species of lichen has been discovered - the only place it is found in the world.

A Lasting Legacy 

The most lasting legacy we can leave when we die is a gift to our environment. That is why in conjunction with the Orokonui Ecosanctuary, we have developed this unique way of remembrance.

Hopes chair.JPG

The first memorial seat and plaque placed on the Rimu Track in 2010.

Hope and Sons makes an annual contribution to the Ecosanctuary. This contribution is acknowledged at the Ecosanctuary with the placement of a bench seat inset with a plaque in memory of all those families we have cared for each year. The Ecosanctuary records where each seat is placed, and if visiting you are able to locate the seat, reflect, remember, and appreciate the unique experience of the Ecosanctuary.

We encourage families to visit and appreciate the Ecosanctuary and what it is doing to restore and protect our local coastal forest, flora and fauna.

Click here for a map of the Hope and Sons Memorial Seats.

Orokonui Ecosanctuary Remembrance Walk 2019

Take a twilight walk through the Ecosanctuary to reflect and remember those that have gone before, and the Ecosanctuary’s beginnings.

Wednesday 9 October 2019
Starting at 7.00pm
Free Admission • Bus transport available

RSVP by 1 October 2019 to:
Hope and Sons Funeral Directors
Email: office@hopeandsons.co.nz • Phone: 03 455 5074

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