Nicky Third — Funeral Director

Nicky Third - Mstj, JP, NZ.Dip.FD, Regd.FD

Nicky first came to Hope and Sons when they had an open night. The more she found out about funeral directing the more it appealed.

Nicky previously worked with St John Ambulance Service, and helping those in need has always been second nature. Being able to alleviate some of the stresses that families face when a loved one passes away is something she strives to do.

She is still involved with St John as a volunteer in the logistics/ support area, and is also involved with Brighton Surf Lifesaving. Photography and motorcycling are also passions.

There have been many memorable moments for Nicky at Hopes. One that had a particular resonance for her was when a gentleman who was a passionate photographer of air shows passed away and she was able to assist the family with accessing over 5000 photos that had been stored on an iPad to create a very special slideshow showcasing his photography.

Nicky loves Dunedin through and through, her favourite place is up above the Otago Peninsula where she can appreciate the amazing view. The song she would have playing at her own funeral would be ‘Rain’ (Dragon).