Our Aims and Values

Our aim is to provide consistently high standards of service, experiences, and facilities, ensuring families feel safe and supported at all times.

We will be leaders in the field of funeral directing, with high professional standards and a focus on clients' requirements and exceeding their expectations.


“Hope and Sons will create opportunities to say farewell that are meaningful to you”

  • We are helpful

  • We are caring

  • We are understanding



  • We are tidy

  • We are polite


  • We show respect

  • We are honest


As funeral directors we are honest and trustworthy. We are caring and have integrity. Hope and Sons values its reputation, appearance, facilities, training, and qualifications. Hope and Sons’ people value being impartial, observant, personal, punctual, and accurate.


We are patient, empathetic, real, clean and well-groomed, and well-spoken. We enjoy being knowledgeable, problem solving, attention to detail, decision-making, having good manners, and providing a personal experience.