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Over the decades we have helped and served families in Dunedin and throughout the Otago and Southland regions.

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Hope and Sons has over 150 years experience within the funeral profession. Our team has extensive experience and over five generations of the Hope family have directed, guided and worked within the company since it was established in 1887.

Over time funerals have changed and evolved, what families want and expect has changed too. As a business that has seen and been a part of the evolution we are uniquely qualified to care for families and our community, making each funeral or farewell special. As expectations have changed we have increased our team, grown our knowledge through professional development, updated our facilities, and added more options to our technical and multimedia departments. 

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2018 - Present

After 18 years in the company Andrew Maffey moves into the position of Company Manager. He brings his extensive knowledge to the role with an innovative approach - being able to uniquely manage the traditional and progressive ideas. 

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Hope and Sons


Hope and Sons extended their services to North Otago after the purchase of Whitestone Funerals in Oamaru.

Oamaru Coast
Hope and Sons


Hope and Sons takes ownership of a historic kauri home in Mosgiel. This enabled an offering of a boutique style of funeral service  - Chestnut Villa Funeral Home. 

Hope and Sons


After years of planning and development Dukes Road Crematorium was opened in Mosgiel. 

Hope and Sons


Jodie Hope (circa 2015)

Michael and Jannette's daughter, Jodie, joined the firm permanently in 2015, representing the fifth generation of the Hope family.

  • Jodie W Hope 2015 - 
Hope and Sons


The Hope family acquired Dignity Funeral Services in Middleton Road, Dunedin.

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Hope and Sons


Purchased Palmerston Funeral Services from Gordon & Myrtle McKean.

Hope and Sons


In 2004 we completed major facility upgrades to the offices, viewing rooms, and chapel. Bringing a more modern feel to the Hope and Sons facility.

Hopes Renovation
Hope and Sons


Jannette, Michael, Liz, and Lyndon (circa 2013)

The fourth generation of the Hope family was represented by Ian’s son Michael, and his wife Jannette, and Brian’s son Lyndon, and his wife Liz.

  • Lyndon S Hope 1996 - 2013
  • Michael J Hope 1987 - 2018
Hope and Sons


Les Hopes four sons  - 'The Boys' - Ian, Peter, Brian, and Derek Hope (circa 1991)

The third generation of the Hope Family had long associations with the firm:

  • Peter K Hope 1955‑1996
  • Derek I Hope 1960‑2002
  • Ian A Hope 1962‑2000
  • Brian S Hope 1967‑2005


The boys
Hope and Sons


In 1990, Hope and Sons was one of the first to provide a “function room” to host refreshments after a service. Today, it is common practice for family and friends to gather and share memories after a funeral.

Hope and Sons


In 1989 the decision was made to extended the size of the Chapel to cater for the larger funerals that were occurring in the Dunedin Community. 

Hope and Sons


The third generation of the company moved the business from St Andrew Street to its present purpose built site on Andersons Bay Road.

70s Andersons Bay Road
Hope and Sons


In 1960 even though the partnership had ended years before the official name was changed from Hope & Kinaston Ltd to Hope & Sons Ltd to reflect the Hope family association with the firm.

Hope and Sons


The first generation of the Hope Family - John Hope died in 1950. All three of his sons were associated with the firm at various times:

  • A.N (Bert) Hope 1922 - 1938
  • J.I (Jack) Hope 1938 - 1957
  • E.L (Les) Hope 1924 - 1967 (pictured)
Hope and Sons


William J Kinaston of Roxburgh joined as a partner until 1928. The company name changed to Hope & Kinaston Ltd.

Hope and Kinaston
Hope and Sons


John Hope relinquished his interest in the partnership to begin his own business in St Andrew St, Dunedin.

8. August
Hope and Sons


The Company was founded when John Hope entered partnership with Alfred Wynn and formed AJ Wynn & Hope Undertakers.

AJ Wynn Hope
Hope and Sons