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We produce various multimedia designs to assist families to celebrate and remember. We are flexible so talk through any ideas you have with your funeral director.

Service Sheets

Service Sheets

Service sheets (orders of service) may be printed for handing out at the funeral service. Every service sheet is unique and we have a great team of graphic designers there to create a personalised sheet for each family. What we require to do this is:

  1. Your favourite photo for the front cover
  2. Additional photos that may have special importance
  3. An order of Service (this is usually supplied by the person leading the service)
  4. Any poems, readings, or hymns that you wish to have included

We will scan all your photos. If possible please remove photos from their albums and/or frames. Digital Photos (USB, email, dropbox etc) should be at least 1MB in size for best results. Remember we can crop and edit photos if required to ensure the best result.

To allow us time to produce a personalised service sheet we ask that all content is received at least two days prior to the funeral service. We will provide a draft for you to proof prior to printing and have everything ready the evening before the funeral. Your funeral director will be able to answer any of your questions and keep you updated along the way. 

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Slideshow / Photo Tributes

A slideshow of photos can be a meaningful way to share more memories, it can give time to reflect on and share highlights of a life. It can be shown before or during a service and can be accompanied by your choice of music. All you need to do is provide us with your photos and we will create a professional video slideshow for the service whether it is held in our chapel or at another venue.

For best results we recommend photos should be at least 1MB in size if being provided via USB, email, or dropbox etc. We can scan any hardcopy photos, if possible please remove photos from their albums and/or frames


Photos: We recommended approximately 40 photos, this on average will fit nicely with one piece of music (about 3 and a half minutes long). If you have more photos we can play more than one song or repeat the same song twice. 

Music: If you wish to provide your own music, please use an MP3 or MP4 format. You can provide your own music or your funeral director can find it for you.

If you want to bring your own slideshow
Our preferred file formats are AVI, MOV, or MPEG. 

Please note other formats (including PowerPoint and iMovie) are not compatible with our system, if these are exported correctly these can be downloaded in our preferred format - if you have questions please ask your funeral director. To ensure there are no compatibility issues with slideshows, we request you give this to your funeral director the day before the funeral service, this gives plenty of time to make adjustments if required. 

TY Cards

Thank You Cards

Bereavement or thank you cards can be printed for you to send out after the funeral. These cards can be a nice way of acknowledging those who have expressed their sympathy and support at the time of your bereavement. We will produce these cards for you to match the service sheet design.

We offer the first four cards complimentary and additional cards can be ordered through your funeral director.

Photo book


Whenever we have created a slideshow as part of the media for a service we also produce a complimentary photobook filled with all the images that have been provided to us . It is permanent record of all the photographs gathered for the funeral service, bound in a locally made hand-crafted cover.

Additional copies can be ordered through your funeral director.

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Live Streaming and Funeral Recordings

We understand that being present at a funeral service can be challenging especially if family members are overseas. This is why we offer live streaming and recording the funeral for family and friends who cannot physically attend a funeral service, but want to say their goodbyes.


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