Hope and Sons

Our Aims and Values

Our aim is to provide high standards of service, experiences, and facilities, ensuring families feel safe and supported at all times.


Our Aim

Hope and Sons have cared for families since 1887. We have seen many changes to how we farewell our loved ones throughout that time. The collective knowledge that has been passed down through generations of funeral directors over 135 years helps us adapt and evolve whilst keeping the family as our main focus. Hope and Sons look after families throughout the Otago region and every service is uniquely formatted to suit those we care for. From large scale events to small private gatherings, our intention is to make every funeral special.

We wish to be leaders in the field of funeral directing with high professional standards and a focus on client requirements, and exceeding their expectations. As a team we are honest, trustworthy, caring, and have integrity. We value our reputation, appearance, training, and qualifications. 

Funeral service 1950s

Professional Organisations

We have a long history with the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand, with four members of the company serving terms as president. We have also had three serve as president of the New Zealand Embalmers Association. We are constantly striving to develop and grow - as individuals and as a team. 

Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand

The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) established in 1937. They represent the majority of New Zealand funeral directors, who together are responsible for arranging and directing over 80% of all funerals in the country.

With FDANZ members you can be assured of receiving expert advice from an authority in the field from someone whose understanding of the costs, processes, and necessary care has been gained from industry experience.

Members are subject to a strict Code of Conduct, underpinned by the Code of Ethics to which FDANZ subscribes. Their adherence to these codes gives you both peace of mind and quality assurance.

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New Zealand Embalmers Association

The New Zealand Embalmers Association (NZEA) is a group of like-minded, professional, qualified embalmers dedicated to the maintenance of the highest standards of professional conduct and ability. Only individuals who hold a recognised qualification in embalming practices are open to membership of NZEA.

Membership ensures the strictest adherence to the association's code of ethics and New Zealand law. NZEA is committed to providing the most up-to-date technology the world has to offer in mortuary services, so that members can take these skills back to their provinces and offer them to the bereaved families they serve. The association is continuing to pressure the government for the recognition that the profession of embalming should be practised only by suitably qualified people.

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