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Caskets and Eco-Caskets

We provide a variety of caskets including solid timber or particle board/MDF. The finish of the caskets can be: solid oak, rimu or pine, oak and maple vinyl veneers or painted in any colour you choose. There is also a range of caskets available with vinyl transfers that you may choose if they reflect the personality of the person who has died.

Untreated radiata pine caskets are available from a renewable resource that supports our local economy. Some modern-style caskets have also been produced based on environmentally friendly principles.

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Urn Options

Following a cremation, the cremated remains (commonly referred to as ashes) are returned to the funeral home in a temporary urn. It is suitable for storage if you are choosing to scatter the ashes at a later date.

If you wish to keep the ashes at home or if you wish to bury them, you may choose to have them placed in a more attractive and decorative urn. Our urns are similar to the casket range. An urn can be made of solid wood or particleboard/MDF or painted the same colour as the casket. There are many other designs and materials that you can see at our offices. You may also choose to supply your own container into which we will transfer the ashes.

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Keepsake Jewellery

Designed and crafted in New Zealand, Keepsakes with Love Jewellery offers a sensitive range of memorabilia including pendants, rings and charms.

Our keepsakes can be filled with a small amount of ashes, a lock of hair, or other small Keepsake, meaning you will never be without your loved one.

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Fingerprint Jewellery

More than just a jewellery range, A Sparrow's Touch is a direct link to someone you have loved and lost. A forever fingerprint to carry with you on your journey. 

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