Bereavement Support Service

Lisa Miles, Bereavement Support Coordinator

Continuing Care

Although very important, the funeral is only the first step we take in 'saying goodbye'. As you begin to work through your grief, the road ahead may seem long and lonely.

Relatives and friends will be especially helpful at the time of death and at the funeral.

However, as the weeks and months pass after the death, they may not always be available to comfort you and to allow you to talk about the person you love and miss so much.

After the funeral, therefore, at no cost to our clients, Hope and Sons provides a bereavement support service to extend the care we give to families we serve.


Some of our families may not need this additional service; others will need it and benefit from it. It involves a phone call, a letter or a visit from our coordinator and follow-up’s as required.

In addition, we are available to speak to community groups on the topics of death and how to cope with grief. Clients are also free to use our extensive library of informative literature on these topics.


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