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Art Awards

The Art Awards have been a successful biennial event, first starting in 1998 to commemorate the
150th anniversary of the Otago province.

The support for local art, having become a strong family tradition, is reflected in the many works on display in the chapel and reception areas of Hope and Sons' funeral home on Andersons Bay Rd, Dunedin.

It is an extensive art collection, built up over many years, which forms more than simply an attractive backdrop for the complex. 

hopes art awards

In their time of loss clients often find comfort in the memories that a certain painting can evoke - of happier times at a place where they may have visited, stayed or lived. Or it may be that the style of a painting can simply make a difference in the way a person feels, easing the pain.

The collection traces the changing styles of many local artists as they hone their skills and perfect their craft over a number of years. Many of the works within the collection were purchased when artists were starting their careers. Many of our artists are now nationally and internationally known. Notable artist John Toomer is an example, Hope and Sons purchased the first work he sold in the early 1970s.

Past Awards

2022 Gathering+of+Nature


1st Jenny Chisholm Gathering of Nature

2nd Nigel Wilson Illustrious Land Series

3rd Lynn Grace Heading Home 'In Isolation'

2020 Aperture


1st Karen Rankin Neal Aperture

2nd Jonathan Cuming Existential Nightmare II: Double Self Portrait as Chris & Judas

3rd Roslyn McLean Street Rat

2018 Nightwatch


1st Jampa Stuart Nightwatch

2nd Pauline Bellamy Max/Miranda

3rd Jasmine Middlebrook All I Want & Nothing More

People's Choice - Michelle Bellamy Fisherman's Village, Falls Dam

2016 On the Horizon


1st Holly Todd On the Horizon

2nd Gemma Baldock Beneath the Surface

3rd Ruby Whitty What's this Mum?

People's Choice - Phillip Edwards A Walk in the Sea Mist

2014 O Confine Me Not


1st Jasmine Middlebrook O Confine Me Not

2nd Robert Ireland Karitane

3rd Maurice Middleditch Skippers Canyon

People's Choice - Murray Ayson Lake Duncan - Fiordland

2012 Danseys Pass Karen Smith


1st  Karen Smith Dansey’s Pass

2nd  Darren Tautari Still Waters

3rd  Brian Stewart The Remains of Summer

4th  Jasmine Middlebrook A Moth Between Cupped Hands

2010 two chairs no waiting


1st  Paul Lindsay Two Chairs – No Waiting

2nd  Robert Ireland Stormy Landscape

3rd  Jane Mcleod Last of the Roast Lamb

4th  Graham Tait Cloud Shadows on the Lindis

2008 The Last Bowl


1st Valarie Webb The Last Bowl

2nd Graham Tait Now and then, a glimpse of the sun

3rd Anne Baldock Dunedin Alley Way

4th = Douglas Williams Tide of Innocence

4th =  Maurice Middleditch Untouched World

2006 Somewhere Between


1st  Adele Morshius Somewhere Between

2nd  Kirsten Lovelock The Pleasure Outing

3rd  Fyfe Blair On the Peninsula

2004 Macrocarpa


1st Donald Moorhead Macrocarpa

2nd Tony Shields Low Tide, Otago Harbour

3rd Steev Peyroux Storm from the North II

4th Murray Ayson Dart River A Lord of the Rings Location

2002 Flight 1


1st Hilary Manson Flight 1

2nd Suzanne Platt Spring Song

3rd Jan Ingram The Hosta Eater

4th Sheryl McCammon Seaworthy

2000 Grace and Joy


1st June Tyson Grace and Joy

2nd Suzanne Platt Boy on the Beach

3rd Jan Ingram The Magpie Collection

4th Ian Govan Kawarau at Goldfields

1998 The Immigrants and the land was no longer free


1st Sr Mary Horn The Immigrants, and the land was no longer free

2nd Audrey Bascand Same Hills, Dunedin – past and present

3rd Inge Doesburg Untitled

4th Jan Ingram Memories

hopes art awards 2022 6

Past Judges

  • 2022 Dee Copland
  • 2020 Sam Foley
  • 2018 Ewan McDougall
  • 2016 Prof Leoni Schmidt
  • 2014 Cam McCracken
  • 2012 Peter Chin and Michael Hope
  • 2010 Robyn Notman
  • 2008 Matheson Beaumont
  • 2006 Kari Morseth
  • 2004 John Toomer, Brian and Lyndon Hope
  • 2002 Els Noordhof
  • 2000 Roy Dickison
  • 1998 Marilynn Webb