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Celebrant or Clergy?

Unlike weddings there are no rules on who can officiate a funeral, but finding the right person to lead the service is important. We can talk through all the options and help find the best fit for you.



Celebrants offer a flexible service and create an order or structure for each family they deal with. They meet with families and try and capture the stories and the character of the individual and create a service special for them. Celebrants will also work with families regarding who wishes to speak or share during the service, they will take on as much or as little as you like and will be able to give you recommendations based on their past experiences. You can recommend a celebrant you know or have seen before, or we can do our best to match you with someone that fits you and your family.



Clergy are the formal leaders within established religions for example Priest, Minister, Rabbi etc. Having them lead a service is a good way to honour someone that has come from a faith tradition. Our local clergy work with families to make sure that faith and personality combine to have a fitting service. They happily walk a family through traditions if they don’t have the personal knowledge of what is part of the service. If you don’t have or know a clergy we can assist with finding one that is available to assist.

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Family or Friends

You could choose to have a family member or friend to lead the service - we would work with this person to build a structure and the logistics behind the scene. Sometimes this can be hard for individuals as it doesn’t give them the space to grieve on the day, but alternatively it is a privilege to be able to help in some way. We can talk you through the different options, and delve into our past experience to make sure you are in the right hands and have the right support through this time.

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