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Spending Time Together

Many people find it helpful to spend time with the person who has died before the funeral. This special time is an opportunity to say goodbye. Our tastefully decorated lounges, the Gold, Fern, and Rose rooms are adjacent to the chapel for families who wish to visit.  

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Visiting with a loved one is a personal preference and we will work with families or part of families that wish to do so. This time together can assist in the grieving process as it allows people to begin to accept the reality of the death. It can be a time to place mementos such as cards, letters, small gifts, photos, flowers and other significant objects in the casket with the person. Some families choose to take the person home or to another venue, and they will spend some days with the person who has died. 

~ You have told us how it helped seeing the person after they had died. How good it was to hear stories, and memories, and remember together. How you gained support from those around you, from friends and family. You have told us how hard that final farewell was, but also that it was very important to begin to let go ~

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In our experience children benefit from being included in the preparations for a funeral. Visiting, seeing, and touching someone they love can be a positive experience as it allows them to say goodbye and helps them to accept the reality and finality of death.

Historically children were not involved in the funeral process. Today most experts would agree that children should have the same opportunity to view the person who has died and to attend the funeral if they wish to. 

We encourage visiting at Hope and Sons between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday. You are welcome to visit outside these hours by organising a time with your Funeral Director.

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