Hope and Sons

Livestream and Funeral Recording

We understand that being present at a funeral service can be challenging especially if family members are overseas. This is why we offer live streaming and recording the funeral for family and friends who cannot physically attend a funeral service, but want to say their goodbyes.

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We have live streaming technology built into our Hope and Sons Chapel, allowing quick, consistent and easy access for family and friends all over the world.

Funerals are only broadcast with the permission of the family.

If permitted the broadcast begins 10 minutes before the funeral. Links can be found by following a link from our website, or by direct email invitation. All live-stream links stay active for 90 days and the service can be watched at any point during this time.

External Venue Live Streaming

For external venues that do not have livestreaming capabilities we can contract a local supplier that can provide the correct equipment, and personnel needed to have a live link active during the funeral service. 

Costs for this vary based on access and equipment needed so let us gather a quote for you and facilitate this to happen.

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Funeral Recordings

Not all families wish to have a service streamed, but some would like to keep a record of the day. We can arrange for an audio-visual recording of the funeral service. We can record with our static in-house cameras or utilise the skills of a professional operator - options can be talked through with your Funeral Director. 

Sometimes locations or venues can make it hard for a stream to occur live, in this instance we can use the recording of the service and then uploaded to the Hope and Sons live stream system. This means that it will not be streamed live but that it can then be accessed by others in the same way a livestream would be, and it would be available for 90 days following the service. 

Your Funeral Director will be able to advise you on the recommended options based on location, venue, and timings to ensure you get the best result on the day.